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Being Comfortable Having Your Wedding Photos Taken - Advice on Wedding Photography Poses

Updated: May 1

I have just refreshed my website page about this topic

so thought it wouldn't hurt to do a blog post about it too. I think it is one of the main things couples worry about before their wedding day. Obviously not many of us are used to have professional photos taken - if we're lucky, we're good at quickly doing a pose with friends for Instagram! And these days couples do want good quality, candid-looking couple photos from their wedding. Unfortunately 'candid' photo opportunities do not always arise during the hectic wedding day and most photographers need to spend at last 20-30 minutes alone with the couple to create what looks like candid moments (where there aren't lots of guests with them/in the background).

My "Poses Tips" page includes images of couples standing/walking/hugging in different ways - they are not embarrassing or cringing and the reason why photographers ask couples to do this is to create laughter, smiles and intimate moments. I find that when couples have looked at these examples together and had a little practice in front of a mirror, it really helps them feel more comfortable on the wedding day. The key is to try and ignore your photographer!, just be intent on each other, smile pleasantly, try and be relaxed and move as gracefully as possible. You don't need to be model-like, we just want natural moments and expressions. Get as close as possible, make each other laugh, whisper sweet nothings and tickle - anything which will make the photos relaxed and not stiff. Once you have seen my page on wedding photography poses, you can then have little practices together when you're out and about for a walk or just in the kitchen.

Get in touch if you want any more advice on this, or a pre-wedding practice shoot - I think they are the best way to get to know what to do so you don't have to think about it again in the run-up to your big day!

bride and groom
Wedding photography post - back to his chest

groom dipping bride
Devon wedding photographer - the dip

Groom carrying bride
Wedding photography pose - carry in your arms

bride and groom in flowers
Classic wedding photo pose, hand on his chest

Bride and groom in sea
Wedding photography pose - again back to his front

bride and groom spraying champagne
Wedding photo - spray the champagne

Bride and groom snuggling
Wedding photo pose - bride turn in towards your man

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