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  • Jo Cunningham

Editorial Wedding Dress Shoot

Mary, a professional model, was amazing for this shoot showing a Halo & Wren Bridal wedding dress and Sash & Veil cape. I used these photos recently to show brides the body angles which models use when having their photos taken - not that wedding photographers expect brides to do this on their wedding day! or want them to, but brides do often ask how best to stand. Creating angles/triangles with your arms, legs, hands etc helps the image avoid looking rigid and flat - also keep your fingers loose, master the three quarters pose, where you turn your body slightly away from the camera, look behind the camera or into the eyes of the photographer, keep your poses moving and alive but move slowly.

bride in front of pool
Bride in Halo & Wren wedding dress

Strutting her stuff - showing off the Sash & Veil cape

Bride in cape
Notice the head tilt, staring into the distance, leaning against the wall, hands loose and elegant

Bride laughing
Here Mary showed a natural laugh, but still created angles, using the palm tree as a prop

Bride with flowing cape
Sash & Veil cape in all its glory! Again look at those arm angles

Bride with flowers
Using the pillar as a prop, staring into the distance

bride in wedding dress and cape
A natural candid photo of Mary

Bride with flowers and cape
Here Mary is walking lightly with head head looking over her shoulder - she is almost floating!

Bride posing
Here Mary is creating angles, her hands are loose, she is using the pillar as a support and has a soft look on her face

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