How to pose for your wedding photographs - A few tips

A lot of couples feel awkward in front of the camera and worry about having to ‘pose’ for the photographer on their wedding day.  A pre-wedding practice shoot is a very good idea but if that is not possible, if you don’t live in the south-west or you don’t have time, I have put together a collection of images of couples in various ‘ wedding poses’.  I hesitate to use the word ‘pose’ because couples think this is going to be embarrassing, but really they are just different ways of standing, walking and interacting with your other half.  

I always say to couples that the best way to achieve a natural-looking wedding photoshoot of themselves on their special day is to interact with each other, smile, make each other laugh and giggle, whisper sweet nothings, tickle each other… and I will be a little distance away photographing it.  If you have ten minutes together looking at this album and practicing the different ways of standing/moving in front of a mirror, it really helps you feel relaxed on your wedding day. 

How to capture the perfect wedding photography pose

I think the key is to be as close to each other as possible, to give your wedding photo poses an intimate and loving feel; to look into each other’s eyes with a smile on your face (some of my couples say they have never stared at each other so much as on their wedding day!); to try and move as elegantly as possible.  

All of us slouch a bit (I’m guilty of that too!) so just practice putting your shoulders back a bit, it really does make a difference! 

One little tip for brides is to have some face-powder and lipstick in a bag so that if your couple shots are at sunset golden hour (hopefully they will be!), you will be able to touch up beforehand.  

Also have a pair or comfortable shoes you can change into for your wedding photo shoot, a lot of brides have sore feet within a couple of hours and then can’t walk!

The perfect backdrop for every couple’s wedding photoshoot

The south-west is a beautiful part of the country and lots of couples choose this area for their venue, even if they live elsewhere.  There are so many picturesque spots to choose from for your pre-wedding practice shoot, your wedding or even an ‘between church and reception’ wedding day shoot.  

The beach is obviously a firm favourite but the venues in Devon and the rest of the southwest are also very beautiful.