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  • Jo Cunningham

A couple's practice shoot on Exmouth Beach, Devon

A & B are getting married in July and decided to have a practice shoot on Exmouth Beach at sunrise. We were a little late for true sunrise (although it was only 7.30!) but it was still beautiful and only a few people around. The groom was a bit nervous but soon got into it when he realised it wasn't a "posey" thing, but just involved them running around doing silly things! We did a bit of walking, running, hugging and kissing of noses! We did twirling and dipping and standing! It sounds so simple but it really helps get couples more comfortable with what they will do on the day for couple's photos. This shoot was even better because the bride wore a white suit, brought a little bouquet and a practice veil. The groom wore his lovely velvet black DJ.

groom kissing bride
This lovely image came from the groom doing a bear hug with his fiancee' in front of him and kissing her cheek

Groom kissing bride
Pose idea! Simply putting your hand on her face and kissing her.

Bride smiling
On your wedding day, have a celebratory hurray!

Bride and groom running on beach
Running along the sand

Bride in white suit
Even the bride practicing walking is good to do, ready for her showing off her dress!

Groom kissing bride
Dip the bride and give her a kiss

groom looking at bride
I loved the veil with a bow the bride found for her beach shoot

Bride and groom dancing
Twirling the bride just involves letting her go under your arm a few times!

bridal portrait
Beautiful portrait of the bride

bride and groom walking
Simple simple 'pose' - just walking hand in hand smiling at each other

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