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  • Jo Cunningham

Model Test Shots

Updated: Apr 24

If you want to have photos to send off to model agencies, get some test shots done - dress simply, don't wear make-up (or very minimal) and practice those poses and looking down the lens before you come.

With J, we did some in front of a plain background first of all, to get her used to the camera and get comfortable moving, with a very simply outfit to show off her figure, creating angles with her body and creating those sultry looks. Then she changed outfit for a more trendy feel and we went out for the last of the sun.

Tips for standing/moving: relax and move with confidence, include some natural movement to make the images more dynamic; create engaging shapes with your body, particularly triangles, which make the image more dynamic; visualise the image you want to create and the type of model you want to be and pose/hold yourself accordingly; have fun - even though we think that all model shots are moody and serious, throw some smiley/laughing ones in there too, to show agencies your range of looks!

And be prepared for you using unedited shots, as the agents will not want to see photoshopped versions of your face.

model in sun
Smiley model test shot

Model in street
Black and white street shot

Model head shot
Sunny head shot

model leaning on fence
Back street shot

Model head shot
Head shot looking straight down the lens

Model in studio
Play with your hair and create different angles

Model standing
Standing angles

model outside
Golden hour model shot

Model walking
Model walking

Model walking in sun
Casual walking style

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