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  • Jo Cunningham

Devon Wedding Down on the Farm

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

This wedding was filled with laughter and joy, despite some decidedly unpredictable weather that brought sun, rain, thunder and even bubbles. Lots of bubbles! As such, it was a typical Devon wedding photography day.

The celebrations took place at Middlecoombe Farm, a charming rural location situated literally in the middle of nowhere, not too far from Tiverton.

It's perfect for couples looking for a picturesque venue with multiple options. The sprawling farmhouse serves as a perfect spot for getting ready, while the barn or a woodland clearing can be used for the ceremony. They even have a marquee that's ideal for the wedding breakfast. Weather permitting, the beautiful gardens, woodlands and orchards offer a classic backdrop for wedding photography.

The bride and groom were a stunning couple, who reminded me of a very famous duo (can you guess who?). Their gorgeous baby, along with friends and family, were all there to share in the happiness and make the day even more special.

As the wedding party made its way toward the woodland clearing a huge storm broke out. But while I may have looked like a drowned rat, the bride remained pristine, perched on her swing as the groom and a friend entertained guests with acoustic music under umbrellas.

Fortunately, the sun did made an appearance towards the end of the day and the couple accompanied by their bridesmaids ran out into the field for some final photos during the 'goldenish' hour, complete with huge bubbles!

Our county's fast-changing weather often brings challenges for Devon wedding photography, but despite the rain this stunning couple hosted a truly delightful experience filled with sunshine, love, laughter and just a touch of adventure.

groom and groomsmen
Groom and groomsmen prep at Middlecombe Farm

bride getting ready
The beautiful bride with hair and make-up done

Flower girl in pink dress
The mums getting the flower girl ready

wedding ceremony
Ceremony in Middlecoombe Farm barn

bride and groom with confetti
Confetti shot

bride and bouquet
Bride and her bouquet

married couple with bridesmaids and groomsmen
Couple with bridal party

Married couple
Couple in the beautiful farm gardens

bride in wedding dress
The wedding dress details

bride portrait
Beautiful bride

bride and groom
Classic couple portrait

married couple
Couple strolling in the gardens

bride's hairstyle
Amazing hair styling by @theupdogirl

bride and groom walking
A little time alone

Bride and groom near the barn
Love on the farm

bride and groom kissing
Married kiss

afternoon tea
Afternoon tea by @astridgecatering

wedding cake
Wedding cake decoration

groom's speech
Speech time

baby laughing
Grandma and granddaughter

Groom drumming
Music in the woodland clearing...and storm!

bride and champagne
Happy in the rain

guests in the rain
Happy wet guests!

bride and bridesmaids
Bride and bridesmaids at golden hour

Bride twirling
As soon as I saw this dress, I knew it would good for twirling!

bride dancing
Black and white twirling

couple dancing
Bride and groom practicing their first dance

Bubbles at a wedding
Groom showering the girls with huge bubbles!

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