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  • Jo Cunningham

London Wedding

Look at this chapel! Just off the Old Kent Road in East London. It is so beautiful, stained-glass windows, ancient crumbling painted walls, decorated with drapery by the brilliant Mia Sylvia and featuring candlelit tables by Whitehouse Crockery, Attabara, and City Furniture Hire. Olivia and her husband were so brilliant at doing their couple shots, Olivia in a stunning dress by The White Closet and wearing jewellery by Devon-based (and friend) Victoria Maloney. She even had jewels in her parting! Hair and make up by Daniella Make Up Hair.

bride and groom
Couple shots, beautiful jewels by Victoria Maloney

Bride and groom and champagne
Champagne saucers and tower

bride and groom and wedding table
Couple shots near the dinner table featuring flowers by Flavia

dancing bride and groom

bride looking into groom's eyes
Make up and hair by Daniella Make Up & Hair

bride and groom toasting each other
The amazing walls of the Asylum Chapel walls

Bride and groom dancing
Wedding dress by The White Closet

wedding table
The chapel's stained glass windows and drapery by Mia Sylvia

champagne tower
Champagne tower

candlelit wedding table
Candlelit wedding table

wedding cake
Wedding cake by La Boheme

wedding table
Wedding table in the old chapel

Candlelit roses and tulips

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