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  • Jo Cunningham

Chloe and Paul at Parade House

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Chloe and Paul had their couple photos taken in giving a lot of Bridgerton vibes! Chloe wore an amazing dress by which was great for twirling and swishing. Her flowers were by and Her hair was done by and make-up by Her jewellery was provided by Holts Jewellery in Bath. I thought it would useful to share the suppliers as they all in the southwest, in case any of you brides and grooms-to-be are looking for some.

bride in wedding dress
Beautiful bride in her Iconica wedding dress

bride on settee
Always a nice way for brides to sit, I think it is a very flattering pose

bride and groom dancing
Twirling the bride in the windowlight of Parade House

Bride and groom with mirror
Look at that dress flip!

bride looking at bouquet
Looking at her gorgeous Sherbert Bloom bouquet

Groom in black tie
Classic groom prep pose, checking your buttonhole

bride at window
It is always lovely to use the window light in old dark rooms

bride and groom dancing
Dancing as part of your couple photos - creates movement and smiles

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