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Updated: Feb 28

Are you in the midst of choosing your dress and accessories for this year's wedding? There's so much to think about! Well, here are a few helpful facts about one of them - your veil.

The wedding veil holds significant symbolism and cultural significance. It traditionally covered the bride's face during the wedding ceremony and was lifted by the groom after they exchanged vows or during the first kiss as a married couple. Historically, they were worn to protect the bride from evil spirits or to symbolize her purity and modesty. A veil is now more of a fashion accessory that adds an element of dreamy elegance and romance to the bride's overall look.

Veils come in various styles, lengths, and designs, allowing brides to choose one that complements their wedding dress and personal style. Some popular styles of wedding veils include birdcage (4 to 9", short and flirty covering just the eye, skimming the nose or falling at the jawline), cathedral (108-120", for the most regal entrance, this extends beyond the train of the dress and is the most dramatic down the aisle), fingertip (40", this falls beyond the hips and allows any design on the back of the dress to be seen through the sheer fabric), and blusher veils (30", less traditional but with vintage appeal, a short veil that falls over the face and ends near the top of the dress). Recently, they have beautiful details such as bows, pearls or floral touches.

Veil by Sash and Veil

Choosing the perfect wedding veil involves considering the style of the wedding dress, the overall theme of the wedding, and the bride's personal preferences. Some brides opt for elaborate veils with intricate lace or beadwork, while others prefer simple and understated designs.

To attach a veil, use a comb or hairpin, and remember to practice attaching and wearing the veil before the wedding day to ensure you are comfortable and confident with how it looks and feels. Ask your mum or bridesmaid to practice with you (it is handy having someone during the day who can help, as sometimes the wind or a guest's foot may pull it out!).

Two of my favourite veil suppliers are and, featured in some of my images here. They create such beautiful designs and are lovely people to work with.

Veil by Rebecca Anne Designs

Ultimately, the wedding veil remains a classic and timeless bridal accessory that continues to hold a special place in weddings, symbolizing love and commitment, and gives that romantic and mystical look to the bride.

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