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  • Jo Cunningham

Wedding Photos with your Bridesmaids

In your wedding gallery there will be a special collection of photos with your bridesmaids showing the laughter and camaraderie between you. These photographs, more than mere snapshots, encapsulate the essence of a cherished bond.

Prepare your bridesmaids to have fun with your photos. It is one of their jobs to make you laugh on your wedding day, you can really mess around with them, sing, dance, run, hug. Bridesmaids photos are some of the most fun on the day. Cuddle each other as closely as possible to show the closeness of your friendships. You will love these photos forever. It is the day when you will all be your most glam, wear beautiful dresses and be the centre of attention.

Most of your photos will be fun, messing about ones, but you can also try a few serious ones, trying for that editorial Vogue look, be a model for a few moments!

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